Normanton Station Bridge Welding and Access

Categories: /31 Mar 2015

Our work is principally coded site welding and secondary steel work. Site remedial and site modifications.

Company welding procedure Approval certificate BSEN ISO 15614-1-2004 BUTT WELD 111MMA / 135 MAG AND FILLET WELD 111MMA.

Welder Qualifications Test Certificate EN287-1 2004 111MMA AND 135 MAG.

The new DDA compliant structure built at Normanton was executed by JTA’s sister company JTC, however specialist welding requirements were required undertaken the Joshua Thomas Access & Industrial services team.  All welds were undertaken by our Coded welders and quality was ensured through our testing partner Sandberg to ensure compliance to the specification.  Where it was not possible to undertake welding in our controlled factory facility access was provided on site with suitable encapsulation to ensure the works were undertaken in a controlled environment.

Joshua Thomas Access & Industrial services division give the project the flexibility to gain access to the workface and undertake the specialist works required to execute the works.