Hunsterston A Solid Intermediate Level Waste Encapsulation (SILWE) Facility – Design, Installation and Commissioning of Complete UPS System.

Categories: 15 Oct 2014

Joshua Thomas Partners were subcontractors to Doosan Power System and were tasked with the design, installation and commissioning of an essential power distribution system for the SILWE facility on the Hunterston A nuclear power site. The facility incorporated a 50 kVA UPS to power critical safety functions during a loss of site power event.

We delivered the complete system which was developed from scheme design drawings and documentation to a point where we were able to hand over a fully functioning standby power system for critical safety functions. This included switchgear and switchboard specification, provision of standby generation, automatic switching schemes and protection requirements for both the normal and critical systems.

Having assessed the UPS requirements, we produced a detailed UPS specification and electrical operating philosophy to feed in to a full detailed design package. The completed package was complimented with design, installation and commissioning drawings/documents, and all necessary operation and maintenance essentials.