B6 Demolition – Sellafield

Categories: 30 Oct 2013

Following the decision taken by the British government in January 1947 to develop nuclear weapons, Sellafield was chosen as the location of the plutonium production plant, with the initial fuel loading into the Windscale Piles commencing in July 1950. By July 1952 the separation plant was being used to separate plutonium and uranium from spent fuel.

The Windscale fire

The Windscale Piles were shut down following a fire in Pile 1 on 10 October 1957 which destroyed the core and released an estimated 750 terabecquerels of radioactive material into the surrounding environment. To date this is the third worse Nuclear Incident in the world.  And the demolition of Pile 1 is the number one priority of the World Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Joshua Thomas & Partners are currently heading up the key project management team for this decommissioning of the filter gallery demolition of Pile 1.  This is the first phase of the stacks demolition.