Ratcliffe Selective Catalytic Reduction Project – Nottingham – Planning Management & Project Controls

Categories: /07 Nov 2013

The UK’s first £250 million selective catalytic reduction system at a large coal fired power plant at E.On’s 4 x 500 MWe Ratcliffe power plant.

Modifications to the existing plant include boiler integration, ID replacement fan, economiser adaptation and installation of two ammonia tanks (capable of storing a total of 170-190 tonnes of anhydrous ammonia). These tanks have their own dedicated unloading facility, fully separated from general plant traffic. As ammonia is a hazardous substance, the tanks, tankers, unloading area and chambers are fitted with detectors, alarms and safety equipment. The ammonia is transferred from the ammonia tanks to the SCR catalyst towers via pipework. Other upgrades include the air pre-heaters & major structural modifications to the existing boiler house building structure including the installation of new personnel & goods lifts

The SCR construction included over 5200 tonnes of structural heavy lifts and over 5400 tonnes of duct & reactor module heavy lifts. A 2000t Mamoute heavy lift ring crane (PTR) was utilised to undertake the lifts.

The 4 unit SCR installation on the first unit (unit 3) was completed during a 25 week outage in 2011, followed by Unit 1 (20weeks) and Unit 4 (18weeks)

Working directly for the principle contractor, Doosan Backcock, Joshua Thomas & Partners headed the planning department.  The works involved all aspects of Planning & Project controls. JTP assited in delivering savings on each outage duration in line with their clients budget and expectations.