Who we are and what we do:

Joshua Thomas & Partners Project Management / Planning offer competitive and customer focused support to help deliver you investment. We use our skill, professionalism and experience to add real value to your project. We set the path for companies large and small to meet their goals faster, more efficiently and with higher-quality results – whether embarking on a major capital project or substantially smaller development Joshua Thomas and Partners can help you tighten timelines and reduce risk through laser-focused planning and disciplined execution. We don’t develop a plan and walk away. We work with you shoulder to shoulder, integrating seamlessly into your organization while helping you stay on top of your project every step of the way.

Why us?

With a passion for excellence, honest and ethical conduct, and uncompromising integrity, Joshua Thomas and Partners achieves high-quality results and consistently meets its commitments to its clients. Joshua Thomas and Partners derives its competitive advantage from its values-driven, self-motivated, and highly skilled employees: its most important asset. Hence, Joshua Thomas and Partners must ensure that employees are challenged, provided continual opportunities for growth, and treated fairly with respect and dignity.

Because we base everything we do at Joshua Thomas and Partners on ethical practices, both internally and externally, we feel we provide a service like no other through the country. Integrity and social responsibility are weaved through our careers and personal lives, and are brought together at Joshua Thomas and Partners through our Integrated Project Management plans.

Joshua Thomas and Partners proprietary project management method

• Begins with in-depth analysis to clearly define strategy, objective, scope of activities, and performance measures

• Proceeds with detailed task and resource planning to make certain that implementation requirements are fully understood

• Continues with disciplined execution, to assure the goal is attained on time, on budget and to project specifications, and

• Concludes with post-project learning’s, to provide a template for continued success.

• Clients have been so pleased with our work that they often ask if they can retain our professionals as their own employees. Since our people are dedicated Joshua Thomas and Partners staff, they’re not available for hire. But we’re always ready to come back and help on future projects!


Joshua Thomas and Partners continuously refines our tools, which we tailor to fit the size and culture of our clients’ organizations. We have found that it is best not to “force fit” activities, but to choose the tools appropriate for each individual circumstance and client preference. We have successfully employed a multitude of packaged tools such as Microsoft Project, P6, Visio, Auto Cad, and enterprise project management applications. We have also developed a number of unique tools to manage our clients’ projects.